Features: main form

Open a TXT or CSV file with a database Creating or editing a database
Open the images folder for the database Clear all fields
Associate the data from the database with the objects Insert current date onall pages
Insert header and footer on all pages Insert name of images folder onall pages
Numbering of pages Publish to PDF
Convert to CMYK Revert all symbols to objects

Features: Creating or editing a database

Add Column Header Edit header
Remove the selected column Remove the selected row
Mark the selected column as link Mark the selected column as url
Delete marks Insert the image
Numbers Generator:
for the selected cells
Numbers Generator:
for all cells below
Numbers Generator:
to the new database
Mark the selected column as QR/Data matrix
Delete QR/Data matrix marks  




List of macros
Terms of Agreement
Programs (macros)
Axonometric3 CADTool5
Charting 3 EffectsForCut
LEDTool7 NeonTool 7
Symmetrical 2 VariablesTool2

Free macros/utilities
AP_ConvertColors AP_CrossingLines AP_Fractal
AP_RandomFill AP_SymbolsToObjects Biorhythm
FractalCurves GetHexColor HatchFill
HighLights InstallGMS.exe Mirror
PStoCurve RandomShapes ReSaveCDR
SetGuidelines2 Sinusoidal TangentToCircle

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