Terms of Agreement

  1. Installing and using this macro means that the user accepts all rules and conditions of this Agreement.
  2. Commercial macro will only run on one computer. For another computer will need a new key. It is impossible to transfer the old key to another PC.
  3. Commercial macros have a certain number of activations ( 1 or more). For activation will be used the data of your computer's configuration. If you have a number of activations more than 1, you can leave them for future activations or to use for other computers. If the limit of activations is ended you need to purchase this macro again. New versions of macros are free (usually).
  4. Commercial macros are not for resale.
  5. The registered user is granted a non-exclusive license to use commercial macros on one computer, for any legal purpose. The registered software may not be rented or leased.
  6. Macros work only in the specified CorelDraw version.
  7. Free macros tested in CorelDraw X4/X5/X6. In the earlier version has not been tested
  8. No support for older versions of the macros. Download the new versions.
  9. Support for macros that are installed on unlicensed CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is not made.
  10. You may not distribute any portion of the original package; or modify the software in any way; decompile, disassemble, otherwise reverse engineer. Any such unauthorized activities will result in immediate breach of this agreement and may result in prosecution and/or civil proceedings.
  11. Macro is provided "AS IS" . No warranty is provided, expressed or implied. You always use the macro at your own risk. The author and/or distributor is never responsible for any loss, damage, loss of profits or any other types of losses associated with the use OR misuse of the macro.
  12. There is no refund available. All sales are final.
  13. All rights not expressly granted here are reserved by developer
  14. If you do not agree with the terms of this agreement, you must remove the files from all your storage devices and stop using the macro.

List of macros
Terms of Agreement
Programs (macros)
Axonometric3 CADTool5
Charting 3 EffectsForCut
LEDTool7 NeonTool 7
Symmetrical 2 VariablesTool2

Free macros/utilities
AP_ConvertColors AP_CrossingLines AP_Fractal
AP_RandomFill AP_SymbolsToObjects Biorhythm
FractalCurves GetHexColor HatchFill
HighLights InstallGMS.exe Mirror
PStoCurve RandomShapes ReSaveCDR
SetGuidelines2 Sinusoidal TangentToCircle

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