Charting 3

Option 1. Data from page.

Insert or type the data for the drawing. As a separator, you can use the "space" or "=" or "tab" (set in the settings) and press the appropriate button.

Option 2. The data from the TXT file.

1. Select "Select from file".
2. Select a pre-prepared file in TXT with tab delimited (easy to do in Excel) and click "Apply".
3. Press the button on the macro form to draw the chart.




List of macros
Terms of Agreement
Programs (macros)
Axonometric3 CADTool5
Charting 3 DrawStone3
EffectsForCut LEDTool7
NeonTool 7 Symmetrical 2
TextImage VariablesTool2

Free macros/utilities
AP_ConvertColors AP_CrossingLines AP_EyeletMarking
AP_Fractal AP_PerforatedEdges AP_RandomFill
AP_SymbolsToObjects Biorhythm DevelopmentSign
FractalCurves GetHexColor HatchFill
HighLights InstallGMS.exe LineArt
MagicWand3 Mirror PStoCurve
RandomShapes ReSaveCDR SetGuidelines2
Sinusoidal TangentToCircle ToLayers

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